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Kwan Jang Nim R.S. Chontas

President, The Chi Institute

Founder, Traditional Tang Soo Do Organization

A legend is born in a small town in Western Pennsylvania...

Grandmaster Chontas (the wise teacher) was born May 11, 1962, and was first exposed to traditional martial arts at the age of fourteen. A friend of his family, who was a Black Belt, showed him some kicks, punches, and blocking techniques, which he practiced vigorously for the next two years, after which he was confronted by a neighborhood bully. A fight ensued, and Grandmaster Chontas used his limited martial arts abilities to vanquish his opponent. Inspired by his victory, he joined his two younger brothers, who were already practicing traditional Tang Soo Do. Beginning his training was a new year's resolution for Grandmaster Chontas for 1981, when he started on January 5.

In the thirty-six years since he joined his first Do Jang (House of the Way), Grandmaster Chontas has taught traditional Tang Soo Do to over 5,000 students in the Baton Rouge area, and has promoted a hundred and thirty-five students to the rank of First Degree Black Belt. Over 1,500 women have taken classes in self-defense and rape prevention tactics from Grandmaster Chontas, and he led and taught the only martial arts program ever to be part of the East Baton Rouge Parish school system, establishing a varied and diverse teaching background and student base.

Grandmaster Chontas has competed, both on national and international levels, for over twenty-five years. Some of his highlights include:

  • 1992 International Tang Soo Do Federation Black Belt Gold Medalist (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • 1994 International Tang Soo Do Federation Black Belt Champion (Atlanta, GA)
  • 1996 International Tang Soo Do Federation Black Belt Double Bronze Medalist (Pittsburgh, PA)

Grandmaster Chontas recently came out of retirement to compete in the Tenth Annual World Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan Championship, held in New Orleans, LA. Over seven hundred competitors participated in the tournament, and Grandmaster Chontas won two silver medals in the Senior Masters Division.

Anyone who has ever practiced with Grandmaster Chontas knows that life is a problem to solve, not an excuse to make. He teaches the philosophy that we should all be the assertive, self-actualized human beings that we are meant to be. He wishes to help his students to become balanced in mind, body, and spirit, and to fulfill their individual goals.

Grandmaster Chontas teaches classes in traditional Tang Soo Do, Hap Ki Do, traditional Asian weapons, Yoga, Eastern philosophy, nutrition, and Feng Shui.

Master Windom, Yuk Dan, pictured as second degree

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