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Chi Institute Events

  • Congratulations to fifth degree black belt Master Tim Romero and his bride, Kim, who were married in May 2015
  • Yoga at the Chi Institute
    Our Yoga class in the best in town and at a great price, $5 per class (cash only) or unlimited classes for ony $35 per month!

  • July Promotion Testing

    Everyone did a great job on a hot summer day. Congratulations to recertified blackbelts.

  • Grandmaster Chontas and students visit the Dhali Lama in May 2013, when he was in New Orleans.

  • Louisiana Science-Fiction Convention

  • Charlotte US-K tournament 2012

    October 27, Pineville, North Carolina

    Grandmaster Chontas and several students attended M.K. Kim's tournament. Master Chontas presented his friend and senior dan a lifetime achievement award. All of the students of The Chi Institute competed well and placed in their events.

  • Pittsburgh National Tournament
    On September 22, 2012, Grandmaster Randall Chontas attended the 2012 TSD Open Karate Championship in Pittsburgh PA, hosted by The Independent Tang Soo Do Organization, where he promoted Master Garbosky to Yup Dan (6th degree). Five other grand masters and over 250 competitors were in attendance at this historic event.

    Grandmaster Chontas and his students traveled the furthest to attend, with Master Tim Romero and Jesse McDonald competing in the tournament. Master Romero won the master grand forms championship, and each additionally won two silver metals.

    See our facebook page for more: The Chi Institute

  • Congratulations to fifth degree black belt Master Scott Windom and his bride, Christina, who were married in November 2010! This has been an exciting year for weddings in the Traditional Tang Soo Do Organization.

  • Tai Chi Gung at the Chi Institute
    This ancient martial art is well known for improving cardiovascular strength, reducing high blood pressure, strengthening the hips, toning the body, and increasing overall longevity. Students in Asia often practice Tai Chi Gung late into their 80's. Come and learn the eighteen techniques of Tai Chi Gung. Thirty-five-minute sessions practiced two to four times per week can promote better health and contribute to overall well-being.
    The chi institute will offer tai chi gung classes to any group of six students or more. The class is $30 per student. The class can be scheduled for one day a week (Monday through Saturday), for six consecutive weeks, before 10:30 am. To schedule your group, make an appointment now at (225) 336-4111.

  • National Tournament
    Several students competed in M.K. Kim's tournament in Charlotte, North Carolina.
    Placing in their division:
    Tim -- 2nd forms, 2nd breaking
    Brian -- 1st breaking, 1st forms, 2nd sparing and Grand Champion Runner-Up Forms
    Curtis -- 2nd forms, 2nd breaking
    Kenny -- 2nd forms
    Ann -- 1st forms, 3rd sparing
    Chris -- 1st forms, 1st sparing
    Kolby -- 2nd forms, 4th sparing
    Kaylee -- 2nd forms
    Kate -- 1st forms

  • Visit from Grandmaster Giacobbe

    On March 29, 2008, Grandmaster Dominic Giacobbe paid a visit to the Chi Institute. While at the school, he taught a two-hour clinic to all students, and promoted his new book, Secrets for a Powerful Life.






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