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Though it traces its origins far into the past, Hatha Yoga is practiced extensively in the Western world. This is due to its immense practical benefits to the function of the glands, nerves, and internal organs. Hatha is the most practical of all the various yoga styles, because it promotes vast improvements in overall health, and emphasizes the tapping of the human organism's latent energy for the purpose of mental, physical, and spiritual self-betterment. Hatha Yoga is known for its readily visible integrating and calming influence, even on beginning practitioners.

Yoga classes at the Chi Institute lasting approximately 45 minutes, and the schedule is on the front page. The Chi Institute has padded floors ideal for Yoga practice, so personal mats are not necessary, though they may be used if you wish. Yoga training is offered at affordable rates, both by the month for regular students and by the class for out-of-town guest practitioners. Please contact Grandmaster Chontas at the Chi Institute for further information at (225) 336-4111.

Grandmaster Chontas has twenty years of classical Hatha Yoga experience, seven of which were spent under the direct tutelage of Yoga Master Nancy Williams Clark, founder of the Anahata Yoga Center.






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