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Ho Sin Sool (Basic Hapkido)


White belt to Orange belt-8th Gup

1: Same side grab: Tuck the grabbed arm into the body. Step back with opposite leg into horse-riding position, pulling the hand to the opposite shoulder.  Execute backfist with front hand then shift to front stance and perform reverse punch with other hand.


2: Double grab on one hand: Same as number one, except now you must reach through their two hand and pull your hand out.


Orange belt to Orange with stripe-7th Gup

3: Same side grab: Chamber their hand to you chest moving in outside circle.  Step back with one leg and manipulate elbow with left hand and lock the wrist.


4: Same side grab: Chamber their hand to your naval moving with inside circle, pass to other hand, and then step to the side with same side leg(i.e., if they grab your right hand, you will step eventually diagonally with the right leg)


Orange with stripe to Green belt-6th Gup

5: Double hand grab hand to hand: circular motion passing their hand to opposite hand, armbar with other hand to their elbow while coming down into front stance perpendicular to the attacker, 


6: Double hand grab hand to hand: same as number four, except now you have to pass to the other hand.

  Green belt to Green with Stripe-5th Gup

7: Double hand grab to uniform: under over wrist lock manipulation, bring both of their hands to you waist while turning so that you may strike their elbow with your elbow (in a downward motion)


8: Bear hug from behind:  Stomp instep with heel, sink down to horse-riding position, pop both your arms up in a sudden motion to ensure their arms are off of you,  Right elbow, Left elbow, turn around a face them and reverse punch with the right hand to the myung chi (solar plexus).


Green with Stripe to Red belt-4th Gup

9(A): Same side grab: Lift leg, come into them with elbow strike, same hand with a chop to the neck, and shift into front stance with a palm strike to the face with opposite hand, then the groin, then the face again. 9B is the same except cross hand grab. 


10: Same side grab: Chop to the neck with the hand that is not being grabbed while at the same time pulling the trapped hand away and back to the ear in a soo-do ready position, stepping into a front stance perpendicular to the attacker, the front leg being the same side as the soo-do hand.  Pivot into the opposite direction, still in front stance perform a palm strike to the face, a strike to the groin, then a strike to the face.  Also known as the football move.  10B is the same except cross hand grab.






Red belt to Red with Stripe-3rd Gup

11:  Cross hand grab:  The spinning handshake, everything flows one way,i.e.; if someone grabs your right hand, you will grab his hand with your left hand while at the same time moving your left leg under the arm, spinning the opponent around by pinning his arm over and behind him, end with a head butt.


12: Cross hand grab: The reverse spinning handshake; i.e., if someone grabs your right hand, step under and through with the right leg and manipulate their elbow upward such that they have to come one their toes. End with reverse punch to the floating ribs. 


Red belt with Stripe to Red belt with two Stripes-2nd Gup

13:  Double grab with one hand: Grip them with your free hand on one of their hands and punch down while coming forward into horse-riding stance, then, lifting the leg, spin around and face them to execute wrist manipulation. End with a reverse punch with your free hand. 


14: Double hand grab from behind: Stepping back into them, pass one of their hand to your opposite hand and step behind them into wrist manipulation, get them on their toes by forcing their elbow up into the air while walking backwards (see #12).  End with reverse punch with the free hand. 


15: Double hand grab from behind: Step behind them with one foot, same side arm going over your head while you go under their arm.  Pull the arm that is closest to them towards you to roll them into an armbar and end with reverse punch. 


Red belt with two Stripes to Cho-Dan Bo- 1st Gup

16:  Headlock: middle finger to the nose pulling backwards into the throw


17:  Full Nelson: drop to one knee, raising both arms straight with palms out, then elbow them in the groin, toss them head over heels into the throw.


18:  Same side shoulder grab: wrap and lock (make sure you stay in front of their elbow) and end with a chop to the neck with opposite hand.








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